23 junio 2016

Una pizca de política

Una actualización estilística sobre el resultado del Birra y Borra 16
Ataque de sinceridad de los políticos.
A stylistic update on the outcome of Birra and Borra 16.

Attack of sincerity of politicians.

MY CONVICTIONS ARE A ROCK. What happens is that adapt to the thought of the party. This depends on Europe, and other party ... Well, and more. SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO JUMP THROUGH HOOPS. And I'm a lazy. Well, you do not would understand.

THANKS FRIENDS. With your support we have accomplished much, and commissions have not been so high; WE COULD HAVE ENRICHED MORE. Do not worry about anything. You do not look, do not listen to it, not talk. LET US ALL TO US. You do not would understand.

I AM FACHA (Spanish fascist). Well, what you knew. You know that is the issue. I have reason by the grace of God, why I am where I am and others do not. IT'S LIKE TO BE. Believe it and you're done. You do not would understand.


14 junio 2016

"Viaje a la tierra de cielo azul y aguas cristalinas", de La Cuerda Juana, es el título de uno de los relatos seleccionados en el I Concurso de Relatos 'Ciudad de Valladolid'. La ilustración es una colaboración en la futura publicación. Una historia sobre el penoso periplo de un refugiado.
"Journey to the land of blue sky and clear water", by La Cuerda Juana, is the title of one of the stories selected in the I Story Contest 'Ciudad de Valladolid'. The illustration is a collaboration in the future publication. A story about the painful journey of a refugee.